Insulated Loft Hatches -13

Why safe, energy efficient yet stylish insulated loft hatches are a must have.

Did you know that if you've not yet replaced your age-old loft hatch it could be costing you a fortune over the years?

It's probably well past its sell-by date.

But here's the thing. Your ugly old loft hatch isn't just an eyesore. Chances are it has no door insulation, draft seal, and poor locking mechanisms to boot.

So, it's letting heat escape. It's actually costing you money!

What's more, chances are the loft opening's not really big enough. The hatch size is probably inadequate for you to access and exit through comfortably and safely.  It could even be downright dangerous.

That's really annoying and may be one of the reasons why you are not really maximising the use of all that wonderful storage space above!

These days there are many contemporary, alternative types of loft hatches that are robust, safe and far less ugly and obtrusive than in the old days!

At The Loft Insulation Company we fit the best products for the job.

We can:

  • Move, extend or create a bespoke loft hatch for easy, safe access
  • Fit energy efficient, industry leading uPVC loft hatches
  • Meet all relevant British Standards
  • Satisfy all NHBC requirements
  • Meet all current building regulations requirements for hatches
  • Be manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001 : 2000
  • Comply with Building Regulations Document L1A ( L2A (2006 Edition)
  • So forget about your shabby old hatch, with an opening that's difficult and dangerous because it's not really big enough.

  • Just imagine how much easier, safe and comfortable that would make it for you to access and exit your loft. You've probably forgotten how much storage space you have up there and are neglecting.

  • We can increase the size of your loft opening and hatch, build new hatches and offer a wide range of safe, contemporary loft ladders, both timber and aluminium, with wide, sturdy treads.
  • We'll listen and give you professional advice on the best solution for you. You can even book us for a no-obligation quote!
  • Take a look below at just a few of the amazing ladders and hatches that we can install for you, usually in just a day or so.

You'll be safely maximising that all that hidden storage space you'd been neglecting and enjoying the clutter-free benefits of your home.

From a wide selection of loft hatches and loft insulation to wooden loft ladders and aluminium loft ladders we have an amazing range to choose from.