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transforming lofts in london and surrounding areas

  • Transform Your Loft
  • Gain Extra Rooms Without Moving
  • Increase Your Property Value
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Minimal Disruption
  • Unlock Your Home's Potential

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Our 2 Main Types Of Loft Conversion

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    Attic Guys Loft Conversion

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    ecoTrus Approved Loft Conversion


Unlock Your Home's Potential:

Discover 10 Expert Secrets To Extend Your Living Space Without Breaking The Bank

  • 1. Unlock Your Home's Potential with a Loft Transformation!

Escape the rising expenses of relocating. Benefit by transforming your neglected loft into a fabulous new room. It's a versatile solution that doesn't demand a significant extension but literally opens the door to an additional bedroom, home office, teenage den or your own secret escape!

  • 2. A Key Perk

Many loft conversions fall within permitted development rights, streamlining planning and fast-tracking the approval process, sparing you from bureaucratic delays.

  • 3. Avoid Major Upheaval

Loft conversions offer an exceptional way to expand your living area without the upheaval of major extensions. You'll soon be enjoying your brand new room without weeks or months of dirt, dust, disruption and stress.

  • 4. A Welcome Decrease In Energy Bills

Imagine not only the spatial benefits but also the energy efficiency improvements. Incorporate insulation and energy-efficient windows during the loft conversion process, and witness a welcome decrease in your energy bills.

  • 5. Natural Light And Space

Loft rooms these days are designed to increase natural light, so they feel light and airy, giving you a sense of well-being and literally a breath of fresh air!

  • 6. Increase In Property Value

Did you know that by converting your loft into an additional room can significantly improve the value of your home?

  • 7. More Storage Space

Whatever you want your loft room for an additional benefit is always the use of storage solutions that can be easily incorporated into the design.

  • 8. Improved Energy Efficiency

By using contemporary, energy efficient designs and insulation, you can benefit from reduced energy consumption. If you are an environmentally conscious homeowner you will love this eco-friendly advantage.

  • 9. Curb Appeal

If and when you decide to move, you'll discover that potential buyers will love the additional space your room in the loft offers. Exposed woodwork and beams and other characteristics of loft rooms add to the appeal and can significantly increase the value of your property.

  • 10. Convert Your Loft

It's the easiest and cheapest way to gain a fantastic extra room! Are you dreaming of a way to increase the size, enjoyment, and value of your home? One of our quality loft conversions, built by highly experienced craftsmen could be just the answer.


Simply get in touch to explore the possibilities.

You could be on the way to unlocking the full potential of your home.

Our Installation Package Options


Water Tight Structure

This option takes your loft conversion from the drawing into a water tight structure, ready for fit out. This package includes:

  • Erect scaffold & construct new roof structure to Structural Engineer's calculations & drawings
  • Exterior made water tight including tiling & cladding
  • Install new staircase (no balustrades)
  • Install flooring & below floor insulation
  • Frame out for Velux windows
  • Frame out for PVC windows on the Dormer
  • Battening of internals ready for insulation & plasterboard

Typical price £18,000 + VAT

Duo pitch example 3

First Fix Package

This option includes your water tight structure plus all first fix elements within the project. This package includes:

  • Install windows (supplied by customer)
  • Install balustrade to customer requirements
  • Supply & install insulation to eaves and roof space
  • First fix electrics, leaving tails for lights, plugs & switches
  • First fix plumbing, ready for radiators and bathroom
  • Supply & install internal dividing walls
  • Plasterboard and skim throughout

Typical price £30,000 + VAT

Dormer 2

Deluxe Package

This option expands on the Structural and First Fix elements in the other two options and takes the project through to being paint brush ready.

This package includes:

  • Project Management of entire scheme
  • Install bathroom suite (supplied by customer)
  • Install radiators
  • Install lights, switches and plugs to customer's requirements
  • Supply & install doors, skirtings and architraves
  • Supply & install eaves storage to customer's requirements

Typical price £45,000 + VAT

EcoTrus Approved Loft Conversion

Imagine creating a luxurious world in your roof! EcoTrus is the gamechanger loft conversion system that makes opening-up the valuable roof space of your property simple!

It uses a unique patented design to create robust extensions in your home in just a few days, with none of the usual dirt and disruption of traditional approaches.

It's a system that literally transforms your loft or roof into a fully functional, spacious room (or rooms) that blend seamlessly into your existing home.

It allows you to create fabulous extra space without the need for extensive renovations.

  • A Revolutionary Technology

Want an extra bedroom, a home office or a cosy retreat? It really is possible with EcoTrus technology. It's a revolutionary technology specifically designed to convert lofts and roofs into versatile living spaces.

  • Seamless Integration, Minimal Disruption

If you are looking for extra rooms upstairs, you can forget the chaos of traditional renovations and weeks of hassle. The beauty of EcoTrus is that it has been engineered to ensure minimal disruption to homeowners during the installation period. Just imagine your daily life remaining undisturbed while your home goes through a remarkable evolution!

  • Transform A Forgotten Space

EcoTrus converted rooms are designed to embrace natural light, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. You can have large windows and an open-plan layout to ensure your new space(s) have an expansive feel, creating a connection with the outdoors.

  • Bright and Inviting Vibe

It's not just about adding rooms; it's about enhancing your home with a sense of openness and vitality.


Make A Statement With A Future Proof Home

In a world where sustainability is paramount, EcoTrus ensues a future-proof home. Reduce your carbon footprint and create a living space that makes a statement about eco-conscious living.

  • Unique and Innovative Truss Removal System
  • Tried, Tested and Loved by architects, engineers and builders
  • No heavy RSJ steels needed
  • No disruptive work on the floors below